Welcome to Klesis!

We’re a UC Berkeley campus ministry that believes that college is the perfect time to explore the big questions like, “Does God exist?” and “What am I here for?” 

At Klesis, you’ll find a safe space to seek answers to these questions while building lasting friendships. Throughout the week we “do life” together - studying the Bible, hanging out, eating lots of good food, going on fun trips, and lots more.

Klesis is a Greek word that means “divine invitation.” College is full of invitations, but this is a special one. So whether you’re a Christian who wants to grow in your faith, or just curious about what Christianity is all about, we invite you to join us!


From Left to Right: Elton, Jenny, Elizabeth, Anna, Philip, Genji

President: Genji N / Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Vice President: Anna N  / Cognitive Science

Treasurer: Elton S / Mechanical Engineering

Secretary: Jenny L / Molecular & Cell Biology

Clerk: Elizabeth F / Molecular & Cell Biology

UiC Rep: Philip S / Cognitive Science

We’re the Klesis Berkeley Student Council, and we’re all here to serve you by keeping Klesis up and running! We are in charge of planning events and taking care of logistics, but aside from the roles we hold, we are also just a few more familiar faces you can look for if you join us at our events. Hope to see you at Klesis!