Welcome to Klesis

We’re a UC Berkeley campus ministry that believes that college is the perfect time to explore the big questions like, “Does God exist?” and “What am I here for?” 

At Klesis, you’ll find a safe space to seek answers to these questions while building lasting friendships. Throughout the week we “do life” together - studying the Bible, hanging out, eating lots of good food, going on fun trips, and lots more.

Klesis is a Greek word that means “divine invitation.” College is full of invitations, but this is a special one. So whether you’re a Christian who wants to grow in your faith, or just curious about what Christianity is all about, we invite you to join us!

From Left to Right: Carol, Cole, Lillian, Sean, Cynthia

From Left to Right: Carol, Cole, Lillian, Sean, Cynthia

Cole FH. / Applied Mathematics

Cynthia H. / Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Carol T. / Environmental Science

Lillian J. / English

Sean L. / Cognitive Science

We’re the Klesis Berkeley Student Council, and we’re all here to serve you by keeping Klesis up and running! We are in charge of planning events and taking care of logistics, but aside from the roles we hold, we are also just a few more familiar faces you can look for if you join us at our events. Hope to see you at Klesis!

Meet The Council


Cole FH. | President

I grew up in an atheist home, and was taught that science disproved God and that life was about being the best and being comfortable. However, after a rough first semester, I was left with many questions about life and purpose, and God found me and saved me. Now, I can confidently live for God, with new identity and purpose in Him.

Fun Fact: I have twin sisters. I'm also half Chinese and half Serbian.


Cynthia H. | Vice President

Before I became Christian, I desired real meaning in life, which I tried to get through other’s admiration, but was burnt-out from trying to be a likable/upright person. Through a message on John 4, I realized Jesus knew how I rebelled against God, and still, he offered up his life to reconcile me to God. I repented, surrendered my life, and now I am commissioned with the greatest meaning of all: to love God and preach this Gospel.

Fun Fact: I really like name-related puns, and will laugh abundantly if you get the timing right :)


Carol T. | Secretary

I grew up going to church, but I did not know very much about my faith. In college, I came to see that I cared more about creating a successful image for myself than I did about loving God, and that was a form of rejecting God. I repented and accepted God's grace through Jesus' death on the cross. Now instead of living for my own small dreams, I get to serve God and love others together with my friends in Klesis!

Fun Fact: I did competitive synchronized swimming for 8 years.


Lillian J. | Treasurer

I've been going to church ever since I was a fetus, but in college I realized that Christianity isn't just about going to church and following all the rules. It's about relationships, about loving God and loving people. Rediscovering Christianity in this way has honestly been the best thing that's happened to me in college.

Fun Fact: I can whistle pretty well. Ask me to do a rendition of Mozart's Queen of the Night aria next time you see me around.


Sean L. | UiC Representative

I believed in a heaven ever since I was a little boy and thought that in order to get there, I had to do good deeds and be a good person. In college, I saw more vividly that I am a sinner, realizing that no amount of good deeds could erase my sins. But I also came to realize how much God loves me, that He willingly sacrificed His only Son so that I can be cleansed from my sins and be in Heaven with Him forever.

Fun Fact: I am really good at peeling egg shells and falling asleep in cars!