Race of a Lifetime // Frosh Night

To kick off everyone's Labor Day Weekend, we had our first Freshmen Night at Durant Loft last Friday! It was great to gather as all of our fellowship groups and meet together as one freshmen class!

After starting our night with a solid dinner of Costco pizza, we got to know each other a little bit more by sharing stories coming from random videos from our phones. It was really neat to hear different small snippets from people's lives through phone videos that they had recorded. Then we promptly engaged in noodle warfare as we tried to smack colorful balloons out of the air with our water noodles. Ridiculous, I know.


After nearly taking the ceiling down on Durant Loft with our noodles, we settled in to watch a skit titled "Race of a Lifetime." Some of the staff performed the skit, and although there were no lines, it was still sometimes intense, often hilarious, and constantly thought-provoking. The twist ending definitely made for a shock, and it really made us think, "what are we chasing in life, and why exactly are we doing it?"


Pastor Daniel finished our night by reading us words from the book of Ecclesiastes written by King Solomon, who had it all. But how do we know if that's what life is all about, to race our ways to the top of the mountain and seek personal accomplishments and glory? That was the challenge for all of us, coming out of the night. We got to hear some of the older ones share on their "what is life" moments, stories that ranged from failing out of Berkeley to succeeding but finding it all unfulfilling. 

Afterwards, we just had a blast hanging out at Durant Loft and playing all sorts of arcade games, eating snacks and enjoying the start of our Labor Day weekend. It was awesome to meet tons of new people, and we hope to see you there next time!

Chris Liuhg4