This summer, let’s prepare our hearts for the year ahead by lifting the UC Berkeley campus up in prayer.


Our 40-day prayer relay starts 7/12 and ends on the first day of Fall semester (8/21). For the next 40 days, there won’t be a single day where the campus is not being prayed for.

We will be providing a prayer guide weekly to help you in your prayers. If you’re not in Berkeley this summer, you can still join a team that is in Berkeley and pray together via Facetime!

Download Prayer Guides:

how to participate

  1. Gather your friends and form groups of 3-4.

  2. Sign up for the prayer relay with your group. 

  3. Pick a weekly time slot to pray. Overlaps are ok, but try to pick unselected slots for maximal coverage!

  4. Find a special spot on the Berkeley campus and pray at the designated time using the prayer guide.

  5. Send a picture of your prayer team and a 1-line summary of what you prayed for to fortyforcal@gmail.com. We want to share them on the Klesis Instagram to encourage and challenge each other as we cover our campus in prayer for the next 40 days!


one more thing…


who’s your one?

We all have that one Cal student in mind who is far from God— whether it be a friend, old dorm mate, or classmate. Pause and think for a moment right now: who’s that one person that God has placed on your heart to pray for and share the hope of the gospel with?

This summer, we are calling every member of Klesis to take on the “Who’s your ONE?” challenge! Commit to a season of prayer for at least one Berkeley student over the next 30 days.

Use this 30-day prayer guide for that ONE person.

Tell us about that person so we can pray with you!