Here’s what WE’RE DOING

There are lots of opportunities for you to grow in friendships, faith, skills, and heart for others!

Check out details of our teams below.


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Outbound Club

Adventure awaits!

We’re a group of people who love the outdoors and exploring together. This year we’re planning to take trips to Yosemite, hike in SF, and eat great food together. If you’re someone who gets excited at the prospect of exploring a new destination in nature and would prefer being outdoors to indoors, then this is the group for you.

We are open to any Cal student and are hoping to foster friendships while embarking on adventures together.



CityTeam is an organization founded on meeting local needs. It currently serves five cities and seeks to show the love of Jesus through helping the homeless and impoverished in their community.

This year Klesis is partnering with CityTeam Oakland and will be volunteering at events such as:

  • Meal preparation

  • Food deliveries

  • and more!

If you’re interested in serving your community, please join us! We will meet biweekly to plan and prepare for upcoming events and serve every month!

Berkeley Undergraduate Mentorship Program BUMP Klesis Berkeley

Berkeley Undergraduate Mentorship Program (BUMP)

College is a whole new chapter of life and Cal is a big campus. BUMP mentors are here to help in all aspects of your college career.

Who are Bump Mentors?

They are upperclassmen students from Klesis who have been through the journey of freshman year and are here to help you find your way through.

What does mentorship look like?

You and your mentor will meet at least once a month to navigate whatever comes up in life whether it's roommate issues or finding a student job.

Do you offer anything else through BUMP mentorship?

We also offer seminars for career advice from employees at top Bay Area companies like Google and Salesforce and host weekly study sessions to get you jump started in your academic career.

faith and reason at klesis berkeley

faith + reason

Has a friend ever asked you a question about Christianity that you struggled to answer? Have you ever wondered questions like: how can a good God allow evil or how can I know that God exists? If so, this is the space for you.

At Faith + Reason, we hope to provide a forum where you can get your questions answered and learn how to answer those very questions for your friends and classmates. We’ll be meeting throughout the semester for discussions on those very topics.

We also offer “Course 101”, a 7-week course that investigates the intellectual foundations of Christianity.

So whether you grew up in church your whole life or you are just curious to whether there’s any intellectual basis to faith in God, come join us!


area youth ministry (AYM)

AYM was started by a group of UC Berkeley students and alumni who love God and have a passion for youth ministry.

Our goal is to #CONNECT youth with like-minded peers & mentors, #EQUIP them to mature in Christ, & #INSPIRE them to be agents of love for God wherever they are. If you’re interested in helping to equip and inspire the next generation, sign up today!

So what does involvement in AYM look like?

  • Supporting Christian clubs and youth groups through apologetics and evangelism training

  • Hosting local hangouts to connect & chill with friends and AYM mentors

  • Being an AYM mentor, where we pair college students with high schoolers to help them navigate high school and Christian life


Service crews

Here at Klesis, we have a number of different ways you can get involved and serve.

Each team will have a weekly huddle where you can get trained from an expert in skills like Photoshop, lighting, cooking, and more.

The crews we’re offering this fall include:

  • Creative Team (Publication, Website, Digital Media, Video)

  • Production (Tech)

  • Guest Experience (Welcome, Food, Ambience)

  • Technician (Facility Maintenance)

  • Praise Band (sign up here)


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