All-Klesis Friday!

On Friday, Klesis Christian Fellowship met up for the first time this semester as an entire fellowship! Students from all three Home Groups got to meet each other, eat some great food, and see some very special presentations.

Some of the freshman worked very hard to bring us an awesome skit that night. The main character, a new student to the college life at Cal, explores the various communities she can find on campus. She wanders from group to group, from cheering with the Cal Rally Committee to shaking hands with Haas students whose resumes they stretched all the way to the floor! As she joins these groups, she carefully tailors her habits, her outfits, and her attitudes to match the people around her. But eventually, all these groups begin to converge in her life, and in an effort to fit into all of them she finds herself unable to fit into any. She has lost sight of who she really is.

If this wasn't already thought-provoking, the people who came next set thought in motion.

Two juniors shared their personal experiences of how they became Christian and let God become a true part of their lives.But recounting their testimonies here would be too long, so if you missed it you should consider coming to next Sunday's baptism! More people will be giving an account of how they became Christian as well.

After their testimonies, Tim gave a message on John 8, where the Pharisees bring a woman caught in adultery to him. The repeatedly ask him what they should do with the woman, since the Mosaic law requires an adulterer to be stoned. But the Pharisees are trying to trick Jesus into trying to break either Roman law or Mosaic law. If Jesus doesn't tell them to stone her, he breaks Mosaic law. But if he tells them to stone her, he breaks Roman law. Roman law stated that capital punishment could not be inflicted without permission from the government. In this situation,  Jesus was "stuck between a rock and a hard place." But then Jesus bends down to write on the ground, seemingly ignoring them. Tim points out that perhaps Jesus is trying to point the Pharisees to a passage spoken by the prophet Jeremiah: O Lord, the hope of Israel, all who forsake you shall be put to shame; those who turn away from you shall be written in the earth, for they have forsaken the Lord, the fountain of living water.

Finally, in answer to the Pharisees' constant inquiries, Jesus says, "Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” The Pharisees hesitated, and the oldest ones leave first. They knew how sinful they were on the inside. Either that, or they had lived long enough to know they had a record of wrongdoing. The older ones, who were considered more righteous, left. The younger ones followed. If these older men were with sin, surely the younger ones were sinful as well.

In the end, Jesus did not condemn the woman. He forgave her of her sins, and in the same way he wishes not to condemn anyone as well.

But the woman was forgiven because she was brought to Jesus.

Have we ourselves come to Jesus with our sins?


After bible study, we played some intense group games and played Pirate Ship!

In Pirate Ship, the goal of the game is to hit the balloons to your goalie, who then attempts to stuff the balloons into the bag to get points for your team.

It was a fun, chaotic night, needless to say xD

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