Canaanite Woman and Couches

The Friday before, Kle2 met once again at Klesis House for a wonderful (not so) homecooked meal, Bible study on Matthew 15 and a game involving getting your team members on a couch! IMG_0158

Kevin giving the Bible study. We discussed Matthew 15 and the faith of the Canaanite woman, overcoming a significant cultural barrier and an initially stiff response from Jesus and the disciples to talk to Jesus and receive healing for her daughter. She is desperate for Jesus and abandons any sense of entitlement she would have had, instead humbling herself before Him, and Jesus recognizes and praises her faith.


After Bible study we played a game involving swapping names and getting 4 of your teammates on the couch pictured above! It's a really confusing game (I'm still confused...) so I won't even try to explain it here, suffice to say it was a lot of fun! The teams were brothers versus sisters but unfortunately the sisters won, which may or may not have been influenced by mistakes made by yours truly and another brother who edits these blog posts. But to be fair, the sisters had more people on their team!

Hope you can join us next time!

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