Freshmen Pacifica Trip

This past Saturday some seniors, frosh and staff headed out to Pacifica for a guilt free Saturday trip. Hooooray for labor day!

We played a crazy game of British Bulldog, tons of spikeball, volleyball and frisbee.


We wrapped up with a campfire time, singing songs and getting to hear from the seniors. They shared some words of advice, encouraging us to build relationships, be honest and to "hang in there" in college. Also, a pro-tip: roasted granny smith apples are yummyyy, you should try it.


After some more football (and some super unstaged candid moments), we packed up and drove back to Berkeley.


On the way back we hit some incredible Highway 1 views. Thankful for such a refreshing Saturday in such a beautiful state. But now its back to work. Hope everyone is studying much harder than I am right now! :)

KleThreeAnna KangComment