This past Friday, HG3 officially met as a home group - as per its name - for the first time this academic year! Meeting first in Wurster courtyard, the joy of burritos for dinner was compounded doubly by the joys of getting to talk and meet up with old and new faces. Afterwards, back in the Wurster classroom, we had a time in which to contemplate 'life mantras we live by' as well as 'questions we have for God'. The latter resulted in lively discussion over questions that ranged anywhere from "How can we know God exists?" to "Why did God create mosquitos..?" Ander wrapped up the time by giving a short talk about the unique person of Jesus, sharing how Jesus became the most influential person in his life - as well as that throughout all human history.

On such a curious note, we ended the night officially; however, those of us really excited for the weekend piled into cars and headed to SF. It took Ghiradelli's Square and a subsequent glow-in-the-dark frisbee game on a beach (of sorts) before we actually called it a night. TL;DR home group kickoff was a great time. Come join us next week :)


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