Kle2 7/4 Yosemite Trip

Over 4th of July weekend, Klesis 2 had our first ever camping trip to Yosemite! We packed up and left Berkeley on Friday to a campsite near Bass Lake and spent 2 nights there. When we got there, we just had some nice ramen and sausages late night. The next morning, we had some time to read and study through Philippians, hearing about Apostle Paul's joy and exhortations.

We headed to Sentinel Dome shortly after that


Obligatory jumping photo at the top....


Then we hiked down to Glacier point! where we were able to see the whole valley from the top! so exhilarating to look down... Here's a photo with half dome in the background :)


The next day, we went to Tuolumne and hiked around the beautiful meadows. Some of ourĀ group member just wanted to prance around (wont' say who it was).

Obligatory boyband photo....


Another jumping photo..


Then we ended the trip with camping at Mammoth. There, we were able to sit around a campfire and stare into the dark night marveling at God's creation, seeing all those stars in the dark background. And if you got lucky, you saw a shooting star :)


Overall, we had a nice time to bond with one another, get to know one another, and just enjoy each other's presence. We're looking forward to more memory making moments like these!


o, forgot, obligatory selfie :)



Join us next time! Let's just say, it was...inTents...(intense)