Klesis 2 Friday @ Klesis House!

This past Friday, Klesis 2 met again at Klesis House for a Bible study from Kevan on the widow at Nain in Luke 7. The widow in the story is faced with the harsh reality of her son's passing and is on her way to his funeral, but runs into Jesus's procession on her way. Several people in our group shared stories about encounters with death, and a common theme throughout the sharings was a feeling of helplessness about the subject, especially in the lives of others. Jesus responds to the woman with compassion and demonstrates the ability to do something about her situation - He raises her son from the dead, mirroring how He has brought life into the lives of believers through the good news of salvation! Now we in turn have the opportunity to share the good news with others and turn them towards eternal life. After Bible study we stuck around at Klesis House to hang out and play some games - with some awesome dessert included, of course! This time in the form of funnel cakes topped with goodies like ice cream, strawberries and blueberries.


Thanks dessert crew!


Hope to see you next time at homegroup Friday!

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