Klesis 2 GTS

During the summer, each Thursday night, all of us gathered together at HB for Gracepoint Training School! What is Gracepoint Training School (or GTS) you ask? It's exactly what the title says! Gracepoint Training School is essentially what our church set up for all of our members to be trained whether that's in tech or arts (like AV systems, Photoshop, Video Filming), or Praise (like Bass, Drums, Guitar, Vocals), or basic discipleship and bible courses (like Intro to Bible, Prayer 1, and so on).

Bunch of our staff have been working tirelessly to create a curriculum to train up our church members so that they can be the future instructors to the future generation as well!

It's been three weeks so far, and a lot of us have been experiencing how wonderful it is to be trained up in useful skills for our own personal spiritual growth as well as useful skills in ministry!

Here are some photos! Here is Sean C. and Kaylin L. in their drumming 1 class, rocking out a groove to be our future drummers on praise!


Here's Chris L. going over how to do zero-indexing in a given array in Coding I class! Our next future programmers!Attach0

Jin L. learning how to climb trusses to set up lights for our Sunday Worship Service in Lighting I.IMG_3829

It's been a lot of fun. And we hope to continue this in the Fall and Spring as well! Signups for the fall will be coming soon...so stay tuned for that!


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