Klesis House Gourmet Ramen Night

Tuesday night, our homegroup was able to enjoy the generosity of Klesis House as we took off down College Avenue after the Welcome Night at Durant Loft. With only one night of the summer to go, we made sure to have a blast before the reality of classes set in on the students. The first thing that greeted us as we got into the house was the delicious smell of our Gourmet Ramen, prepared by the hard-working Gavin L, James H, and Eric K. ramen bowls

While trying to contain our joy of having such amazing food, we engaged in tactical warfare in tabletop games such as Coup and Jenga. As we pulled out blocks from the wooden tower, we had a mini-icebreaker as we shared favorite ice creams and pet peeves. Don't crack your knuckles around Kailey M, and especially don't use Jin L's toothpaste!

coup picture


To finish off our night so we could end at a responsible time for classes the next day, we taught the new students a beloved classic: King Kong Shower. As we all made silly sounds and hand motions (especially James H's infamous "Picky-Flicky"), we got to see some true rhythmic talents uncovered. "Nice clouds!" and "Jellyfish!" were two strong contenders, especially considering both were first-time players. It was an awesome time of fellowship and hanging out before the semester began, and hopefully we'll be able to come back soon for more times like these!

king kong shower

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