Point Reyes Beach Trip

This past Saturday, Kle2 freshman guys combined with Kle3 freshman guys to go on a manly, fun beach outing to Point Reyes. We started off the day with a beautiful beach view from the top 29574455234_70fe19768b_z

Once we got to the beach, it was a perfect sunny weather to play some friendly competition of tackle football on sand. First, we did Kle2 vs Kle3, and then we did Staff vs Freshmen. I won't tell you who won :P you just need to ask someone who was there :)

We were all winners in the end as we got to enjoy the clear skies and the beautiful blue ocean and as we got to escape from the stresses of midterms and homework to enjoy wonderful nature.


Here's a Kle2 photo with the ocean being friendly in the background as it "waves" at us.


Some of the guys had competitions of who could stake a stick the furthest without having the wave knock it over. Let's just say that...it was a ...mistake for doing that as some of the bros got soaked.

Hope you guys can join us as we'll have more of these fun day trips!


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