Sister's Time

Last Friday, the Kle-1 gals split off to have our own cozy time in Alameda. We started off the time with some yummy sushi bake.... sushibake

and then had a sweet bible study time led by Suzanne. We went through Psalm 42, which was one of our recent DT passages. Suzanne helped us to see that we each have a "soul thirst" for God, and that through relationships, we can experience God leading us back to Him. A few of the staff also shared with the sisters their own experience of growing in relational connection over the years and how that allowed them to experience God more.

We then had a crafty time making shrinky dinks!

ephesians soul thirst

(Steph asked Vanessa to make "whatever." Vanessa is quite a literal person)

We then finished off the night with some pumpkin bread and ice cream, and then a rousing game of.. "guess who this baby is!" based on baby pictures everyone sent in. I wish I could post them here because some of them were too cute and some too funny... but you'll just have to ask people to show you themselves!

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