Tuesday Tactfully Traversing Treacherous Tributaries & Thanksgiving

This past Tuesday some of the frosh bros in HG2 gathered at Kevin and Emily's place in Alameda for life group time - including a wonderful home cooked meal, an exciting adventure across shark-infested waters and a time of sharing what we are grateful for, as Thanksgiving approaches. IMG_3154

The freshmen bros did a team-building exercise which may remind you of childhood games such as "the floor is hot lava". Except instead of lava, the floor became shark-infested waters, and the frosh had to work together to cross Kevin's apartment without touching the ground! The only weapon the frosh had against the dangerous waters of Kevin's apartment's carpet were... manila folders which will shield them from the sharks' terrifying jaws! The challenge is that they only have 6 of them for 6 guys, so they had to come up with some creative solutions to move around, as seen here with Richard giving Alex a lift. They finished the challenge with 2 minutes to spare!


The frosh and their prize: Green Tea Kit Kats.

Afterward we discussed some Bible verses that exhort us to give thanks to God, like 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Philippians 4:4-7 and Hebrews 13:15. We broke into groups and then discussed what we are anxious about, but also what we are grateful for. Personally I'm grateful for these times where we can share a home cooked meal together, bond with each other and enjoy relationships that we have through the church community.

Hope to see you next time!

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