Up for the Challenge?

This past Friday, Kle-2 continued learning about Encounters with Jesus through his encounter with Simon the Pharisee and a "sinner" woman.  Although Simon expresses contempt for the woman's act of honor by washing Jesus' feet, Jesus rebukes him through a parable and demonstrates compassion towards the woman. Before taking off for post-Bible study fun, we celebrated Sarah N's 18th! You are officially an adult now :)

HBD Sarah

After our Bible study, we piled into cars to head to Fenton's Ice Cream Parlor (yes, the one from Up!).  Four brave souls from Kle2 stepped up to the Fenton's Challenge--which, in short, required the challenger to inhale eat 3 pounds of ice cream in 15 minutes or less.  Pictured below: Justin P. about to take the dive...

Fenton's Challengers

The prize? A limited edition T-shirt.  Worth the diabetes and potential stomachache? Questionable... (Personally I felt too internally conflicted to cheer them on...)

In the end, 3 of the 4 challengers--Justin, Chris, and Albert succeeded in making the dive, whilst the rest of us slowly--well, I guess relative to these guys--enjoyed our sundaes.

Fenton's Ice CreamFenton's Happy People

Join us next time for some more delicious adventures!

Fenton's Group

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