VLSB and DL Fun!

This past Friday, all the ministry group undergrads got together for a giant no-postgrad night at the Valley Life Science Building on campus. Even though the rest of Berkeley was busy and bustling for the football game against Oregon, our students huddled together to take in a Bible Study on Romans 1 from Pastor Ed. As he talked about how God had made his divine nature to be "clearly perceived," we realized how we too were like the people in Paul's letter, and we "did not honor him as God or give thanks to him." It was a really great opportunity to gather as the students of our church and reaffirm key truths in our lives.

Afterwards, homegroups 1 and 2 headed off to Durant Loft to chill and hang out. We enjoyed a hilarious game of Subjective Human Bingo, finding out who in our group had the most incredible talents to boast of, such as pig wrestling! Surely, Justin P is all business when the going gets tough.30442957151_ecc2aec74a_o

We proceeded to scout out the best aim in Klesis, as Vanessa D. and Jessica B. took their shots. With the whistles and wind of the Wild West as our background track, we held our breath as friends shot took aim at each other.

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Finally, we watched the top Klesis acting talent take turns on stage, showing us all what it takes to be a true Korean drama actor. At the end of the day, we realized that Korean dramas consist of matching nonsensical phrases to dramatically sad music, as Jeff W displayed for us.

It was a great time to relax over some snacks and enjoy some time together in the midst of this hectic semester. Can't wait for the next time we can have undergrad bonding times!

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