White Elephants, Wrestling Pigs, and a Lot at Stake

Before the for-real finals stress kicked in, we got together at Klesis House this past Tuesday to celebrate Christmas early--by having a Klesis-style gift exchange! HG2_12_06_2016_1

(In case you're wondering what they're looking at, it's a frame of Chris Liu dubbed "Merry CHRISmas.")

Splitting up into three teams, we valiantly fought against one another to nab the best gifts in the pool (including a super-fluffy blanket, an Amazon gift card, board games, and a volleyball).  Along the way, we discovered some hidden talent among our HomeGroup, including...

the best multitaskers...


the most "stable" bros... (aptly called "pig wrestling")


and the final round of "best markswoman" / "most sacrificial brother."

HG2_12_06_2016_3          HG2_12_06_2016_2

Our OP captured the golden moment when Julia knocked the hat off of Chris's head! Pure joy!

Our photobooth was the real crowd-pleaser, complete with reindeer antler, handlebar mustaches, and Santa beards.  All the pictures can be found here.

Don't forget about our HomeGroup's Winter Reading Challenge. In case you forgot, the competition of guys v. gals in "Number of Books Read" has a lot at stake.  Or perhaps steak, because the losing team has to cook for the other...

Good luck on finals everyone!

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