Another Year Begins for Klesis

Berkeley roads packed, stuff strewn out on sidewalks, dorms long quiet for the summer now a bustling hive of activity, and thousands of families roaming about the campus all mean one thing: CAL MOVE-IN DAY!  

On Monday, August 14, some of us here at Klesis descended on the units to help the incoming freshmen in remembrance of the love we received from older students who were willing to bear with the chaos, stress, and excitement of move-in day to help us.


Welcoming them to the campus, we ushered in the class of 2021. Hundreds of stairs were literally climbed, bins packed, stuff removed from cars, and questions answered as we tried to pass down the love and welcome all to the place we’ve long called home. Thank goodness for the cool weather!


After meeting so many students, we’re excited to see where this year goes!


If you’re a frosh reading this: WELCOME TO CAL!