Kle2 Bouldering @Bridges

This past Saturday, HG2 took a trip to Richmond and spent the afternoon bouldering at Bridges Rock Gym and hanging out at Ranch 99 Market. Some of us have had some bouldering experience while most of the rest of us were beginners. It was a lot of fun, and I think everyone gained a lot of appreciation for how hard bouldering is! The difficulty level goes up to level 10, but the highest any of us managed was a level 2 I believe.  


There was also a slack line where many of us tried (and most failed) to get across without falling off, which was fun to attempt. After Bridges, we all headed to the Ranch 99 Market area where we shopped for Asian groceries and got boba.

Overall it was pretty tiring, but we had a lot of fun! Hope you can join us next time!