KleOne Brother's Yosemite Trip

Two weeks ago, the KleOne Bro's went to Yosemite National park to take a much-needed break from classes/midterms and enjoy nature. We visited both the Yosemite and Bridalveil falls and got to see them both up close. Luckily, we saw a rainbow right next to the waterfalls due to the light being refracted from the large amount of water droplets in the air. We were also able to see some snow! Taking advantage of the situation, we played tackle football in the snow and also played a tackle-edition of shark and minnows. Though, it ended up with me personally getting wrecked by the physically-blessed brothers but we nevertheless all had fun fellowshipping with one another. 10/10 would do it again. In other news, try to caption this photo from the Yosemite trip! Whoever posts the best comment get bragging rights :)33235941101_8a836285c8_o (1)