"Purpose" — Freshman Hosted Bible Study

This past Friday, the Kle3 freshmen hosted their very first Bible study, replete with MCs and a skit! They opened with icebreakers then dove right into "The Race of a Lifetime," a skit in which our protagonist runs a race he inherited from his parents, a race he never reaches the finish line for, and a race he passes on to his own child. But it begs the question: What are you running for, is it worth it? Is it what you really want, and will it actually satisfy you? Our antagonist wins the race, but after the hype dies down, he drops the empty medal in search of something else. After the skit, Tim gave a special talk on purpose—the purpose of our lives. He began by telling the story of Sisyphus from Greek mythology, and observed that even the Greeks knew that a certain form of hell was a meaningless life, especially one extended infinitely. From his own story, Tim shared that even with all one's physical needs met, there is still a sense of lacking, that life is meaningless. Nihilism and Nietzsche seemed most accurate to reality, but one day Tim was astounded to find similar themes in the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible. The author King Solomon, with all his wealth and accomplishments, found that everything was meaningless under the sun, as death is the great equalizer of men. But he found that looking above the sun to the heavens, remembering our creator and the reality of eternity after death, gave meaning to life. Tim closed the short talk by entreating the audience to come and learn more about Christianity and purpose through Course 101 and Klesis.

For those of us who embraced the night as young, we headed over afterwards to Pier 39 in SF for a scavenger hunt. Splitting into teams, we ran around the entire pier following clues, obtaining answers to crack riddles, and piecing together the final answer as rapidly as possible for the chance of winning one of two gift cards. There was a dramatic upset, and the first and third place teams won the prizes! Afterwards, we dispersed to various eateries like IHOP and In-N-Out to get our late night "snacking" on.

Join us next time for some fun and meaning-packed times!








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