Sharing from the WORD

Judges 2:11-12 - "And the people of Israel did what was evil in the sight of the Lord and served the Baals. And they abandoned the Lord, the God of their fathers, who had brought them out of the land of Egypt. They went after other gods, from among the gods of the peoples who were around them, and bowed down to them. And they provoked the Lord to anger."

As I read through this, it reminded/struck me of how patient God is with me.  Although there are times where I am willing and obedient to God's calling in my life, there are many other times where I simply lack the will and desire to listen.  My rebellion isn't one that is passive, but my actions against God are active.  Israel here didn't simply abandon God, but indeed traded Him off for "other gods."  People worship their "other gods" in their day to day lives now.  Whether it be money, success, or romance - people are driven by these different things to the point of giving their entirety to it.

What drives you in all that you do?  Can you wholeheartedly proclaim that your desire to please and glorify God drives you?  If not, I challenge you to pray that God would create in you once again that your desire to love and serve God would be far greater than any "other gods" in your life.