TR 2017


One of the highlights of every year in Klesis has got to be our Thanksgiving Retreat. We gather for a weekend of looking back at the past year and all the many ways that God has worked in our churches and various ministries. As we recognize and give thanks to God, we are brought back to reality and are able to rejoice again.

This year that meant hearing from all the Cali churches, UW, 'Sota, UT, Hsinchu, Joypact, Element, ECM, Interhigh, IGSM, and of course our much missed East Coast church plants. We also got to hear many stories of various people who tried to reach their hometowns, high schools and workplaces. My personal favorite has got to be the Element video as I tearfully watched scores of youth students stepping up to share their vision for their campus and for their friends.


Another highlight for many of us was hearing from the Elderly Care ministries, as we were reminded of the universal and singular need that everyone has for the gospel. Fancy programming and flashing lights can only go so far. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is knowing whether or not our friends are saved. With that reminder, we ended TR with impassioned prayer and praise and a baton passing ceremony in which we were exhorted by our personal cloud of witnesses to be a blessing to the nations with the time we have left here on earth.


Join us next time for TR!

KleFroshAnna KangComment