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The first Friday back from spring break was a great one, just seeing familiar faces and catching up as we all came back to Berkeley. We all got a taste of being back at home when we met at Klesis House for our Bible study time (thanks again to the residents for letting us use your living room every week!) IMG_8545

After a delicious dinner of tortilla soup, we had an enthusiastic freshmen stretching committee lead us in their most creative body motions, as we pretended to be walkers up to the Foothill dorms, picking flowers and grass along the way all while having a strong knee drive. Thank you freshmen, for showing us the virtues of stretching before digging into God's Word.


This week we took a deep dive into John 17, as Jesus prayed fervently for his disciples the very night he knew he was going to be arrested and tried for his claims of being God. Jesus prayed lofty prayers for his followers, including protection against "the evil one" and for their sanctification in the truth. To more vividly illustrate Jesus's heart for the disciples, we formed groups to compose our own songs! Each group took the tune of a famous Disney song or nursery rhyme to emphasize one point that Jesus made. The results were nothing short of spectacular, as you can see from this example song that one group submitted, set to the famous tune of Aladdin's "I Can Show You the World".

I can show you the word

Receive them know them believe them

these things i speak in the world

That they may have my joy fulfilled

They’re not of this world

Just as I am not of this world

Sanctify them in truth, your word is truth

And for their sake I consecrate myself

Not of this world,

God I am coming near to you

Ask you to sanctify and glorify

That we may be one guarded in your truth


After a very exciting first half of the night with every group presenting their masterpiece, we entered our three-part Bible study. Daniel L provided the context of the passage, that Jesus was coming to his hour of betrayal and crucifixion. Here, we get to see one last very personal prayer between Jesus and his Heavenly Father. I think we were all challenged to pray as Jesus did, lofty prayers for his sheep that they might be united and not of this world.

Next James H painted a clear application picture for us, to show us through illustrations what being "not of the world" means for Christians. Using a vivid example of a Russian spy sent to America to infiltrate the White House, James demonstrated how this spy would be doing the things Americans were doing normally, but he would always remember that he was brought to the USA for a greater purpose, and that mentality would be the driving motivation behind all that he does. Thanks to James for painting that clear picture of what it means to be in the world, but not of it.

Finally, Zsarynne shared her devotional on John 17, and how she really stayed not of this world by fellowshipping with her peer after work hours. We were all blessed to hear about her times in the car with her peer after a stressful day at work and how they were able to stay faithful to God even through those hectic times. Thanks for sharing, Zsarynne!


After being awed by Disney renditions and the Bible study, our group joined the other Klesis homegroups at the cinemas to watch the new movie "The Case for Christ" based on Lee Strobel's bestselling book. It was a great depiction of the journey to faith that Strobel took, going from hardened skeptic to a man of faith. A worthwhile watch for both Christians and non-Christians, and truly a testament to God's faith in one man's life!


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