Sunsets in San Francisco // Sophomore Friday Night

- Vivian T. -

As midterm season starts creeping up on us, the stress of school is beginning to increase. Luckily, we had time to take a trip to San Francisco last Friday for a sophomore night. After Jennifer’s car was loaded with some pizza, we drove together to Battery Spencer, the best spot to see the view of the grand Golden Gate Bridge. We were nearly knocked down by wind, but huddled close together and watched the sun set behind the bridge.


After some beautiful pictures of the pink sky, we headed to the Palace of the Fine Arts to have some friendly competition. Slices and slices of pizza were consumed, and a dance competition followed… well, I guess you could call it dancing. Then, the laser tag guns were pulled out and we started an epic game of laser tag inside the tall columns of the palace. Team 2 lost three times, but it was still pretty epic, and maybe a little alarming to outsiders seeing a bunch of students running around and screaming with lasers.

To end the night, we drove to Ghirardelli and ate ice cream the size of our faces. When an ice cream sundae is called “The Earthquake,” you should know it’s going to be a wild ride. Decadent and rich ice cream shakes, piles of ice cream scoops, and cones upon cones of ice cream were shared and we had a great time just laughing together and struggling to eat so much ice cream. We headed home filled with ice cream and happy memories of a fun and relaxing night together.

Vivian Tiethg3