Tag! You're it! // Klesis Juniors TFN

- Taige H. -

Klesis Juniors headed off to Godfrey Park in Alameda in the first TFN of September! There, we had the chance to play some sports and chat.  From basketball to volleyball to football, we all built up our appetites for some nice home-cooked burgers at HB.



After some icebreakers, namely a game called “Name Tag”, we split off into smaller groups and did a Draw My Life sharing. Let’s just say this game involves rapid name memorization and casual bops on the head with a paper roll!




Finally, it was bound to happen sooner or laser: we got to the main event of the night! After splitting off into 4 teams, Acai Samurai, Shot’em and Gomorrah, the Wolf Pack, and Team Jeremy, we started off on our laser tag quests. It was a real de-light, and we had a lot of competitive game modes such as Ultimate Team Super Ultra Destruction Deathmatch, Capture the Baton and the Luke 15 mode. Who knew HB Building B was actually the perfect battlefield!

Taige Huhg2