Dear Freshman Me - Charles Y.

Interested in hearing perspectives from upperclassmen on their freshman years? Here on our Klesis Blog, we’ll be featuring some of our juniors and seniors, where they write letters to their freshman year selves.

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To freshman me:

You’ll feel out of place at first, going to Cal as a lifelong resident of the East Coast. Everyone will keep talking about this thing called “boba” and some Facebook meme page that you’ll know nothing about. And being surrounded by so many successful people in college, you’ll feel an immense pressure to make friends with everyone who seems to have their life together, in the hopes that you’ll be like them. Unfortunately, like good looks, these things don’t really rub off. 

But the relationships you’ll have as an incoming junior will be so different from the ones you’ll seek at the beginning of freshman year. As a part of Klesis, you’ll make relationships with people who, in another life, you would have nothing in common with.  But don’t worry, you’ll soon count them among your closest friends. They’ll help you figure out what college is really about and what direction your life should take.

All in all, freshman year will be tough, because you’ll be challenged in ways you won’t expect — socially and academically. But you’ll be grateful that you went through those challenges, because they’ll teach you some truly important lessons in life. And you’ll get to meet an incredible group of Christians with whom to navigate life. 


P.S. You should invest in Bitcoin early. Otherwise you’ll regret it later.

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