C.S. Lewis Seminar and Baby Shower!

This past weekend our Klesis HG attended a seminar on C.S. Lewis given by Dr. Jerry Root, one of the world's leading experts on C.S. Lewis! We were all very blessed by his insights on how C.S. Lewis thought and how he saw the world, as well as how C.S. Lewis came to faith in Jesus. On Friday night we also had a nice baby shower for Kevin, Emily and their soon-to-be son Jacob! 28845057376_f78b570e56_z

Dr. Jerry Root engaging the congregation on topics like apologetics and Christian literary themes in stories. He was also a great storyteller himself, and we were all blessed by his knowledge and wisdom. I confess I am one of many engineers who wished I took more English and history classes in college!


Dr. Root was extremely warm and engaging in conversations in between the sessions. He wanted to take time to get to know everyone in the congregation, but that probably would have taken at least a week going 24/7!

For the baby shower we went to Will and Alex's place, had some great food prepped by the juniors and played some fun baby and parenting related games together.


A baby carriage carved out of a watermelon with orange peels for wheels? Now I've seen it all. Sweet ride bro. Once my old Corolla breaks down I'm going to consider getting one of these as my main method of transportation.


Happy Klesis Homegroup :)

Hope to see you next time for more fun and fellowship!

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