Home Group Retreat

Last weekend was an amazing time as we left our city Berkeley to be away with one another and with God - it was so much fun!  

Everything's funny at 1 AM with Ramen.


Boo! Ghost stories.  Be careful next time you're at stacks ..


You need to jump to guard that!


Nature is so nice and peaceful.

28227547423_a68ab056dc_z (1)


Until you throw in the dudes.



At the end of the day, God's word is where it's at.


We're all so thankful to have such joy in one another and to be so powerfully addressed by the word of God as we end our summer.  Everyone was challenged and elevated through passages in Malachi and Nehemiah as well as corporate prayer time through Christian love. We look forward to being an inviting family of love this upcoming Fall.

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