Bible Study & Klasertag

This past Friday, we gathered at Klesis House to kick off the weekend.  The hilarious Blanket Game required all of us to have some serious name-knowledge within Kle2.  There were still a few blank(et) stares at each others' faces, though... HG_10_28_2016_blanket HG_10_28_2016_blanketgame

Kevin H brought the message on the Feeding of the Five Thousand (or, as one group called it, 'How Five Focaccia and Two Fish Fed to the Five Thousand in the Fifties were satisFied').  He analogized how, as we surrender what little we have for Jesus, Jesus can consequently multiply it to bless many, many others.  James H and Will S shared their own stories about how they gave what little they had which ended up blessing a lot of people.

After Bible study, we took a hard turn towards Newark to play indoor laser tag.  Friendships were dissolved before we even Finished saying "soCal'ers versus everyone else."  The First 15-minute round was utter chaos as people ran through the strobe-light arena in a Frenzy.


The second round, aFFectionately named "Vampire Version," consisted of 2 Freaky vampires seeking out 27 Fearful humans to turn into their own Fanged species.  Unlike the humans, though, they were revived after a mere two seconds.  It was pretty Frightening as every human, in the end, was hunted down...


Join us next time for Kle2 Friday!


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