Homegroup 2 Halloween Celebration

As crazy as it sounds, the calendar has already flipped to November, which means this past Monday was Halloween! The new graduate sisters opened up their home in Alameda for Homegroup 2 to visit and enjoy the holiday. Although the weather outside was cold and wet, there was nothing but light, warmth and awesome food indoors. For dinner, we had awesome Thai curry prepped by the sisters, but that was just to be the beginning of the night to come. The pumpkins were ready. _AXL1210

We took to the task of making beautiful creations with these beautiful fruit, and we were up for the challenge. Although the carving and the gutting of the pumpkins was quite the endeavor itself, seeing our ideas come to life was pretty awesome.


This pumpkin clearly has some malicious thoughts on its mind.


Klesis 2 was proudly represented among the pumpkins, but not quite as proudly carved as the one on the middle that looks strangely like a familiar Asian flag...


The freshmen bros took the opportunity to enjoy a nice candid (?) picture, at the expense of everyone else who had to witness it. Proud of their creations, and always confident in their ability to strike a pose, the freshmen guys are clearly on their way to great things in the area of pumpkin carving.


Overall, it was without a doubt one of the best Halloween days we've all ever enjoyed. There's nothing quite like hiding from the rain with the warmth of homemade arts and crafts. Hopefully we get to do it all again next year!


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