Block of ice & more

Sunny day. 82 degrees. 6:30pm. Faculty glade, also known as 4.0 hill. What a perfect day to bring blocks of ice and slide down the hill. This time, HG2 freshmen bros met up to try something very daring but very chill at the same time. Ice blocking! Yes, riding on blocks of ice down the hill. 20160907 Frosh Bros LG (9 of 10)

Here's James and Henry getting ready to slide down that hill with a huge block of ice. How coool is that!

20160907 Frosh Bros LG (6 of 10)

Here's Jin. You can almost hear him screaming from this photo. Needless to say, Jin was the loudest ice blocker in town.

20160907 Frosh Bros LG (5 of 10)

Justin, Grant, Kevin, and Richard getting ready for a sweet ride down that hill.

Afterwards, we gathered around for some manly bonding through Taco Sinaloa tacos, Tamales, and chips/salsa while discussing who we thought the manliest people in our lives were. After talking about it, we got a sneak peekĀ of what the biblical view of manhood would be as we'll be discussing these in detail in the upcoming weeks in our frosh bros life group times.

Well, hope to see you guys next time for more manly bonding time!

Ice-tala vista!

20160907 Frosh Bros LG (10 of 10)

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