Cordonices Park Hangout

Klesis 2 got the opportunity to visit the local Cordonices Park in North Berkeley, bringing our cardboard sliding mats and all to enjoy the awesome weather late Sunday afternoon. We had the chance to experience elementary school all over again as we collectively overcame our self-consciousness and fears to brave the ultimate challenge: the stone slides. Of course, we had a blast, especially James H. who loved every second of the ride, I'm sure. James on stone slide

Some of us split into teams to start an intense game of Ultimate Frisbee. With the disc flying like a runaway kite that didn't know where to go, we all learned a little bit more about what chaos on grass looks like, and we were all better for it that day. Others joined some of the local grade school kids in a pickup game of basketball, and we promptly got our pride slapped silly. It was a great opportunity to meet some of the younger members of our Berkeley community, and we enjoyed every moment of the game.

Frisbee at Cordonices Playing basketball with kids

All in all, we had a great time at the park, whether it was enjoying the great sports, great slide, or great environment of Cordonices. We had ourselves a grand old time, and we're hoping to have more awesome gatherings as Kle 2 even more as the school year starts up!

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