Hole in the Roof and Hole in One

Last Friday night, Klesis Homegroup 2 had the chance to meet at Klesis House for our Bible Study again, this time diving into a memorable encounter with Jesus in Mark 2. Four faithful friends fought through seemingly endless obstacles to have one chance to get their paralyzed friend in front of the one man who they knew could heal him. This eventually led them to drill a hole in the roof of the house that Jesus was speaking in to bypass the crowds. kevin huang speaking

The paralytic man came out of that house forever changed, physically and spiritually, with his sins forgiven and his body fully mended by the hands and words of Jesus. Who is this Jesus, that claimed to have the power to forgive sins and can also heal a man's wounded legs? This is the question that many of us have asked coming into college, and Kaylin L. shared an amazing testimony of overcoming obstacles to reach Jesus her freshman year, through serious investigation into the claims of Christianity and God. Very thankful and encouraged to hear from her!


Afterwards, we took off to Castro Valley's infamous Golfland to test our precision in a round of minigolf. But just playing golf wasn't quite enough for our group, as we implemented new rules to play with, like using only one hand or using only the handle side of the club. The most controversial and crazy rule though, was the Shoe-pocalypse, demonstrated so clearly here by Eric H. The more mischievous ones of our group had the chance to place our shoes and use them as obstacles against other teams, to the frustration and delight of many.


Very thankful for the night of sharing, learning more about who Jesus is, and crazy minigolf rules. Hope you can join us next time!

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