Homegroup 2 Friday Bible Study: Mark 1 and Ramen Wars

This past Friday, the Homegroup 2 was back at Klesis House, this time for our Friday night Bible Study. Led by Kevan H, we walked through the eccentric character of John the Baptist as described in Mark 1. While he certainly had some weird fashion sense and dietary habits, we got the chance to examine why he was still so attractive to the religious masses at the time. John's obvious authenticity to what he believed in seemed to clearly separate him from the leaders of the day, and this passage was a great stepping stone for the upcoming Bible Studies on the man that John precedes. Kevan ho


Afterwards, we had a blast facing off in absurd games in our "Ramen Wars" battle, led by Kevin H. Through "Guess the Fruit or Vegetable" (which of course ended in durian), "Price is Right," and the "Slinky Game," our teams earned themselves different ingredients to making ramen. With food like green onions, eggs, spam and sausage on the line, we were fired up and ready to bring victory and yummy ramen for our teams!

james slinky ramen wars game celebrations

Kle 2 chilled out at the house afterwards, enjoying assorted fruits with special chocolate fondue, while relishing in the opportunity to relax under the knowledge of the upcoming three-day weekend. It was an awesome time, and a big thank you to the Klesis House residents for opening up their place and to Kevan for guiding our time together!

fruit and snacks on table _AXL9835

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