Kle2 Bible Study 10/14

Last Friday, Kle2 escaped the rainy Berkeley weather for a night in at Klesis house. Kevin gave the bible study on Luke 14 where Jesus tells a parable of a great banquet to describe heaven. Jesus invites all of us to join with him to come to the banquet, but tragically many of us get distracted by the good things. Ultimately, there is nothing on earth that can compare to the kingdom of God and we can't let the good things in our lives prevent us from spending eternity with God. _AXL0696

After bible study, we had a fun time finding out everyone's Myers Briggs and then split off into teams of N versus S for a lively game of what we call GAP (a combination of pictionary and charades). Erika L. and Megan H. faced off in the last round as they tried to act out the picture on the TV. In the end though, both teams tied 😅


Make sure to join us next time for another fun night 😊


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