Of Tilden Pastures, Animal Farms, and Re-living Childhoods

This past Saturday, Kle-2 celebrated the end of the 1st week of classes by driving into Tilden Regional Park!  Through some windy roads, steep hills, and beautiful greenery, we arrived at a spacious field that was just right for a picnic and some sports! _AXL9192


Ranging from spikeball to volleyball to ultimate frisbee, we had a ball running around enjoying the weather and company.


After we got our blood pumping, we got moo-ving & headed to Tilden Little Farm to meet some new friends!  The farm animals were really happy to meet us as we brought them celery peace offerings.  Some guys had a little too much fun tempting the animals with celery just out of reach, which was a mi-steak in my opinion...

_AXL9345 _AXL9398

Our final stop was the 105 year-old merry go round just down the street!  We all piled into the ride and had 3 exhilarating minutes of reliving our childhoods.


There's so many more Kle-2 HomeGroup outings to come this semester, so stay tuned!  But un-Tilden, hope you guys have a good week at school, hang in there!


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