Soul Thirst Sunday Service

This Sunday, Klesis Christian Fellowship gathered at Durant Loft for our weekly Sunday Service to hear another part of our ongoing message series, Defining Moments.  This week, the message focused on the account of the Samaritan Woman and her interaction with Jesus at Jacob's Well. The Samaritan woman, a woman who already went through five marriages, came to the well at high noon to draw water when no one would be around to gossip about her. Jesus asks her for a drink of water, but then says that he can give her a "living water" that wells up to eternal life, one that can sate her thirst forever. Jesus was speaking metaphorically, but the woman thinks this water will forever sate her physical thirst. Never having to thirst again would allow her to avoid the well, along with the people gossiping about her scandalous past. But Jesus chooses to address her deeper needs. He draws out her past, and lovingly confronts her about her five marriages and reveals to her that he is the Christ. The woman realizes that despite the fact Jesus knew about her past, he met with her, talked with her when no one else would, and revealed his divinity to her first in Samaria. Overjoyed, she runs into town to tell people that this could be the Christ, inadvertently leaving an empty water jar behind. It seems like she came to the well for water, but left with another thirst satisfied.

Are we ourselves seeking the right things to sate our inner thirst in life?_MG_1552

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