Last Friday Bible Study with All Kle3 Staff

Last Friday, our home group had our final Bible study ever with all of our staff present, before the East Coast church plant leads went into intensive training. We kicked off the night with food and festivities as we ate dinner, played modified charades, and were moved to laughter and tears by two of our seniors, who performed an epic rap that wrapped up this past year. Ander gave the Bible study on the topic of the Bible's command to Christians, which is to go and preach the gospel and make God's name known, drawing from verses among which were Psalm 96:10, Psalm 105:1, Acts 1:8, and Matthew 28:18-20. The Bible study was clarifying and focusing, as Ander shared his heart with our home group about why our staff are moving to the East Coast, leaving behind cherished friends and family and changing jobs, to share the gospel with other college students. At the end of the message, we had the opportunity to share in heart and colabor in a small way with our staff who are leaving; the names of various college campuses around the globe were distributed until each student or staff had one name of a university, and we collectively prayed for the campuses, that the students and professors would come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and that God would work powerfully in those campuses. We pinned each name of a university to a giant world map, and were visually reminded of the mission statement of our Gracepoint Berkeley Church: An Acts 2 church in every college town. A sentimental wave was brought on full force as we watched a slideshow one of our juniors made about the past year while eating desserts. The sweetness of the desserts paired perfectly with the sweetness of the memories. But before the sadness that accompanies transitions and goodbyes really set in, we were able to direct our hearts towards a hope for the future because of the truth of the gospel, and commit to our relationships with one another through prayer.

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