Kle2 Family Time + Campfire!

This past Friday we had a special Kle2 Homegroup to celebrate the end of instruction! Instead of meeting at Klesis House, we headed to HB to enjoy an "oceanside" Bible study on 2 Timothy without the troubles of driving through traffic and suffering through cold weather! How did we do this, you ask? Through the use of modern technology, we projected a breezy coastal beachside on a large monitor while we enjoyed a Thai curry dinner indoors :) IMG_9210

Following dinner, Kevin H gave a Bible study on 2 Timothy, giving context to the persecution suffered by Christians in the 1st century and exhorting us to continue in the trustworthy message of the gospel. We need to first experience the richness of God's Word, then share and preach it to others around us!

After Bible study, we did what anyone would do during an (indoor) beach trip -- roast marshmallows on our (indoor) fire!


Wow, I can even feel the heat emanating from my computer screen as I'm writing this blog post!


We had an awesome time eating s'mores, cooking ramen and singing campfire songs, and at the end, we had a sweet sharing time where people were able to express their gratitude for blessings and love they've received this past year! A great way to cap off our last homegroup before the onset of dead week and finals.

Hope to see you next time, and good luck studying!