John 8 and BBC

This past Friday Kle2 met in Alameda for a wonderful dinner as well as Bible study through John 8:1-11 for the freshmen and Course 201 for the juniors. John 8:1-11 describes the story of the Pharisees confronting Jesus with a woman caught in adultery, trying to put Jesus in a bind and do something they can harangue Him for. Jesus's interesting response is to ask the ones without sin to be the first to condemn the woman -- something not even the Pharisees can claim for themselves -- and then He has compassion for her and lets her go, telling her to "sin no more". Through this passage we studied and gleaned personal application points from the Pharisees' ruthlessness as well as Jesus's love for the woman. _AXL2846

After Bible study, we stayed in Alameda and watched the "Mountain" episode of the epic BBC nature documentary, "Planet Earth 2". We saw awesome footage of golden eagles doing kung-fu fighting for food, mountain flamingos doing a strange mating march and majestic snow leopards prowling around the high peaks of the Himalayas.

Golden eagles fighting FA

Hope you can join us next time!

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