Kle2 Dumpling Party !!!

Recently in Kle2, in the spirit of Chinese New Year, we had a massive, awesome dumpling making party at Will & Alex's place! We set up Korean tables around the living room and everyone engaged in the party, not only making dumplings but wontons and shumais too, yum! _AXL2258

Some Kle2 friends making some dumplings. After we made them, we cooked them through steaming or stir-frying. There were some pretty funky ones, one junior brother made dumplings in the shapes of tarts and planes (...somehow?). Some of us had never made dumplings before and it was our first time!

The dumplings turned out great, and we had them with some chili oil, stir fried bok choi and BBQ pork too! It was a great way to celebrate a free Saturday after the frosh hosted Friday Bible Study the night before!

Hope you can join us next time!

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