Operation: Bible Study

This week Kle2 was back at Klesis house for another night of fellowship and games. For dinner, we enjoyed heaping amounts of delicious lasagna and salad prepared by our Kle2 staff. After dinner, the freshman continued through inductive bible study through John led by Kevin H, while the juniors were in discipleship. The freshman went through John 6 and the feeding of the five thousand. In small groups, they extracted discussion and application questions from the text. Frosh Marvy C shared that one lesson they got from the text was that we should offer everything to God, all our loaves and fishes, even when we have doubts

Right next door in the dining room, the juniors went through chapter 3 of Course 201 on the topic of heaven and hell. One takeaway they all had was to remember the reality that life is short, death is certain, judgement is sure, and eternity is long.

After bible study, everyone headed downstairs where we were given instructions for a new game called Surveillance. Here we were given the task of choosing three representatives, brothers vs. sister, from each team. Two members from each team then headed upstairs and were blindfolded and handed a nerf gun and iPhone.IMG_4257.JPG

Their challenge was to shoot the target or another member of the opposite team before the other team did. One member of the team was stationed downstairs and acted as a guide for the two upstairs, relaying them direction via FaceTime. The sisters had a crushing victory, while in the last round students beat the staff.


It certainly was a memorable night. Make sure to join us next week!


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