Valentine's Day of Compassion!

This past Sunday, Kle-2 brought the love of Valentine's Day to McClure Rehabilitation Center in Oakland! Although Valentine's Day is traditionally associated with romantic love, we wanted to expand the definition of love and share our presence, songs, and gospel message with the elderly.  We folded these little towel-bunnies with John 3:16 tied on to remind them of God's love for them. _AXL2780

Jakey made a guest star appearance to share some love too!

_AXL2791 _AXL2805

As we talked with and visited each resident, we were reminded of the preciousness of the gospel for these "11th hour workers."  Kevin H shared about the best thing he'd be able to give these residents. Was it money? Success? No, surely it was the good news of the gospel, in their stage of life.  Thanks to Gavin's message on John 3:16 and the individual messages and prayers our students & staff were able to share, that was what we gave them.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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