The Problem of Suffering


Klesis Weekly took a break from message series this week to present a special talk called, The Problem of Suffering given by Godwin and Phil. In this talk they discussed questions like, “If there is a good and all powerful God, then why is there evil and suffering? Is a world with free will but no evil logically compatible? How should we think about natural disasters? And what is Christianity’s response to the problem of suffering?“

To wrap up the evening, Aurora, a senior in Klesis, shared her own story about suffering and how she came to find answers to the questions surrounding evil and pain through her exploration of Christianity. Overall, it was an insightful discussion and led to a lot of interesting conversations.


Afterwards, one homegroup went to play laser tag, while KJ and Brian and Ellen’s homegroups headed to Battery Park for a fun game of hide and seek. The groups who weren’t found were treated to Ghiradelli’s from Kevan H. and got to share an Earthquake, 8 scoops of ice cream with toppings like hot fudge, whipped cream and cherries.


Join us next Friday at Klesis Weekly for our new message series called Set Free, hosted by our very own Klesis freshmen. Hope to see you there!

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