Saturday Jams


Who loves music? And Jesus? And fellowship? Klesis got to join with folks from A2F and Koinonia for a cozy jam session at DL last Saturday night. We began with a time of worship, just singing and praying together to get our hearts focused on our awesome God.

Jam session is a great time for extended worship, but also a time to come audition for praise team. At jam session we rotate in a full new band for each song, so you have a chance to play your instrument, or try out a new one. For people who want to serve through music, this is a great first step.


I always love coming to jam session, when we pull out the rugs, turn up the string lights, and have uninterrupted time to praise God at the top of our lungs - or to even loosen up and jump around a little bit. It's always been a time of no-barrier, no-judgement fellowship and worship of our awesome and powerful God.


Thanks to all who came out and played! And if you missed this one don't worry! We have chapels every week on Wednesdays, as well as Tuesday open prayer if you're life has been in need of more times with God. Because really whose isn't?