This past weekend, seniors went away to Yosemite with a grab bag of feels. In the class group message, one senior sister had written: "Woa Yosemite this weekend u gaiz tbt to our fav trip" to which a senior brother had responded: "Except instead of getting to know everyone for the first time since joining from [make]new it'll be more like a farewell." The general consensus afterwards was: "Man, why you gotta do that..." After arriving at Yosemite house on Friday, though, immediate mobilization took place - of every kitchen appliance, of ping-pong tournaments, of jam sessions. Not a moment wasted - every minute precious. As the night drew late, we gathered for a time of singing (the Isaiah 40 song for days) and reflecting on God's goodness in the past 3 1/2 years.


The next morning, we enjoyed a chill breakfast; then began cleaning up and clearing out. Before piling back into the cars, though, we re-created a legendary photo hearkening back to the soph year peer trip. Then, we all set off for Yosemite National Park.


There, nestled amongst granite heights redolent with majesty, we found snow fights, risible attempts at caravan unity over walkie-talkie, absurd class photos, and a chance to pray - giving thanks and looking forward. The trip winding to a close, seniors and staff flooded Black Bear Diner to end this sweet time. PTL for these memories. PTL for forming very not-a-people people into a people.


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