Elderly Care Ministry // Soph Serve

- Vivian T. -

On Sunday, October 7, the sophomores went back to a nursing home in Oakland for Elderly Care Ministry. We met at Underhill to practice singing Come Thou Fount and Blessed Assurance while Charles led us on guitar. When we got to the nursing home, we were greeted by the other members of ECM, the friendly staff, and smiling faces of the congregation. After we sang, we got to hear a message from God’s word through Jessica T. One of the most memorable parts of ECM was seeing Ms. Ossie get baptized by Kevan Ho. The staff at ECM had been reaching out to Ms. Ossie for about a year. She was someone who spent her entire life sustaining herself, and was really independent. It was so encouraging to see her, especially at her age, make a decision to follow Christ. It really showed us that all the work that we do spreading the gospel isn’t in vain. There are so many lives to be saved into God’s eternal kingdom!

One thing I noticed a lot of people said when they were describing their experiences after mission trips and such was how they felt undeserving or unqualified to be there. I always wondered why everyone was so self-deprecating, but my time at ECM revealed to me a little bit of why people would think that way. I felt utterly unqualified to be there, at a loss of words almost the entire time, and wondered if I had anything to bring to the table at all. The experience was just a very humbling one, and I feel much more convicted, and more drive to learn how to share my faith.

-Michael L.

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