Restless // Junior Hosted Super TFN

- Vivian T. -

Here at UC Berkeley, it’s a common feeling to feel as though we’re running the rat race, trying to do whatever it takes to make it out on top. We become valedictorians of our high schools, get into the number one public university in the world, join tons of clubs, and work harder and harder to secure a solid resume for our future employers. It seems as though these four years are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to be successful, even if it means sacrificing meaningful relationships… but what if there is more to life than just self serving success? Why are we always chasing the next big thing? Why are we so restless?


This week, all of the Gracepoint fellowships came together for a super TFN hosted by the juniors We got to follow the story of three friends from high school to adult life, competing with one another and trying to own successful companies. In the end, only one ended up on top after betraying his friends.


With dances to the Hamilton soundtrack, the juniors totally moved the audience with their story. We heard a message about Cain and Abel, and finished the night with a beautiful song sung by the sisters and accompanied by two other sisters on violin. What great joy it is that we have been saved by God and don’t have to be restless forever just trying to beat the next person. Instead, we have meaningful relationships and a God who understands us and loves us.

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